We make secure cloud storage simple. Create an account and get uploading files up to 2.00 GB for free and 10.00 GB for pro users on Gedofile's end-to-end encrypted cloud collaboration platform today!
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*Earn money now for uploading your files.
Secure Global Access
Your data is accessible anytime. Use a web browser or one of our powerful apps, available for all major platforms.
End-to-End Encryption
Unlike most other cloud storage providers, only you control who has access to your data. Not even Gedofile can access it!
Secure Collaboration
Share file and folder with your friends securely, and see their updates in real time.
Massive Storage Space
Not only are we more secure than our major competitors, we also provide a more generous amount of free storage.
Live Encrypted Backup
With our real-time file synchronisation and versioning features, your data is always safe and recoverable.
Public Source Code
To enable independent verification of the correctness and integrity of our crypto model and its implementation, we publish the full source code of our client apps.
Share your files with everyone!
We supply you with all the tools necessary to easily share your files. Use our pre-generated html code to link from your website or post directly to Facebook or Twitter.
Fast and instant downloading!
Our premium members benefit from no waiting time and direct downloads for all of their files. Unlike other file hosts we don't limit the transfer speed of our downloads.
Store and manage all your files!
Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on this site. If you're using FireFox or Chrome, you can simply drag & drop your files to begin uploading.
Start being secure. Join us today!
Millions of people trust Gedofile to store billions of files using our state of the art infrastructure. Join them and protect your data using one of the Internet's most secure cloud and communication providers.
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence[…].
Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference[…].
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